Easy Recipe: Perfect Easy Seafood Gumbo

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Easy Seafood Gumbo.

Easy Seafood Gumbo This Delicious Easy Seafood Gumbo using 15 easy ingredients and 2 simple steps. Learn how to cook this tasty food.

Ingredients of Easy Seafood Gumbo

  1. Prepare of and a half oakra.
  2. You need of Quality shrimp tails and shell removed and reserved.
  3. It’s of of crab claw meat.
  4. It’s of tomato diced.
  5. It’s of bell pepper diced.
  6. You need of of garlic diced.
  7. You need of One onion diced.
  8. You need of Flour.
  9. It’s of Salt to taste.
  10. It’s of Cajun spices about a teaspoon or to taste.
  11. Prepare of Wine to drink.. Do I need to tell you how much?.
  12. Prepare of Hot sauce a dash or two to taste.
  13. It’s of Worcestershire a splash or two.
  14. Prepare of olive oil.
  15. Prepare of water.

Easy Seafood Gumbo instructions

  1. Make a seafood veggie stock with veggie scraps and shells… Drink some wine.
  2. Make a roux by cooking flour and olive oil until it starts to brown. Add peppers, onions, and garlic. Cook until soft and opaque. Strain the broth and add to the roux. It will start to thicken. Add more water or broth if needed. Add tomato and okra. Season with spices, salt , hot sauce etc to taste. Add shrimp and crab, cook on low for 10-15..